New Site, New Name

Google recently eliminated it’s Page Creator site and replaced it with Google Sites.  I haven’t been happy with the way my Columbus Bus Plan site transferred over to the new site, and the Google Analytics tracking code also stopped working.  These are problems I could probably fix if I made the effort, but I’ve previously considered starting fresh anyway and this gives me a good excuse.  Transport for Columbus will be my new site.  Other than the reasons mentioned above, reasons for the change include the following:

1. New Name – The Columbus Bus Plan was too mode-specific.  After all, my whole concept for a bus plan originated with fantasy subway rail maps.  The new name will allow me to comment on all forms of transport, even cars.  The Transport for Columbusname has obviously been inspired by TfL, which deals with all modes of transport for London.

2. User Interaction – I love hearing feedback and opinions from people who have stumbled upon my site.  Changing the site from a web page more of a blog via WordPress will make it easy for people to leave comments.

3. Segmentation – Most people don’t have the time – or probably the interest – to look over all my ideas at once.  This will allow readers to see specific ideas in short posts instead of having to navigate through the web site.

With that, I look forward to moving my previous content over to the new format and working on the design of the new page, which is currently the default WordPress template.  I hope to hear from you soon.