Fantasy Maps: Better Bus Coverage

After fun with rail, I tried to get practical for my next fantasy map.  Throughout 2004 and much of 2005 I created and edited this bus map.  The focus was on more comprehensive regional coverage, but also faster travel speeds.  I extended local services to places like Polaris, Tuttle  Crossing, Canal Winchester, and Smoky Row Road.  I changed express routes to keep them on the freeway and off the surface streets as much as possible with the goal of reducing travel times.  I created lots more crosstown routes to create something closer to a grid bus network, and also several community circulator “link” routes.

Notice that you can see every stop on the system map.  That means more longer walks to bus stops, but faster in-vehicle travel times.  I still believe improving travel times is critical to improve COTA ridership by coming closer to competing with cars.

I was still using Microsoft Paint to draw my maps, but the system map was clickable.  Clicking on a line would take the user to an individual route maps for the route.  I will try to post a full version of this plan on a separate web-site soon.

Example of a route map for the #4:

In downtown, I eliminated the High Street line-up and created a system that would have some local routes looping around downtown clockwise and some counter-clockwise. My goal was to expand transit access in more of downtown.  I also couldn’t resist adding in a couple of streetcar lines linking downtown to the inner neighborhoods on all four sides.


About John
John is a traffic engineer and transportation planner who likes talking about transportation issues in his hometown.

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