Fantasy Map: New York-Style Transit for Columbus

Below is the first fantasy map that I dreamed up for rapid transit in Columbus in 2002, created using Microsoft Paint.

Columbus Rail Transit PlanRegional Map

Downtown Detail Map

The map includes:

  • Four major subway lines on Columbus’ densest urban, commercial streets.
    • High St – Red Line
    • Cleveland Ave – Green Line
    • W. Broad St – Orange Line
    • Livingston/East Main St – Purple Line
    • The three lines other than the High Street Red Line form a loop around downtown, inspired by Chicago.
  • Four light rail or commuter rail lines going from downtown to:
    • Delaware via the CSX tracks on West Campus
    • Grove City
    • Lancaster
    • Port Columbus
  • One east-west bus rapid transit (BRT) corridor connecting Morse Road and Bethel Road with a tunnel or a bridge
  • High speed rail to Cleveland and Dayton/Cincinnati

I think I started this shortly after a trip to New York City in September, 2001.  Until then, the biggest city I had ever visited was Cleveland, and I think I had only ridden the Rapid there once.  It’s easy for a transportation engineer to be amazed and inspired by the comprehensive and frequent subway network that gives New Yorkers an alternative to either cars or buses sitting in traffic.   Of course, the subway works in New York because of the extremely high population and employment densities.  This is something that Columbus doesn’t have and I recognized at the time that this map was just a dream.  I quickly moved onto more practical plans, which I hope to share with you soon.


About John
John is a traffic engineer and transportation planner who likes talking about transportation issues in his hometown.

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